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Welcome to Bellerose French Bulldogs!  We are anticipating two litters this Spring. Jilly will have her babies on Sunday March 16th, and Cookie is due mid-May.  Sookie will be bred when she comes into heat, so her puppies will probably come this summer and will also be available.   

We always have a waiting list.  When you inquire, we will let you know how many people are on the waiting list currently. 
We ask that all of our puppy owners be educated on the specific needs of a French bulldog and have the time and means to care for your new baby properly. Frenchies are typically not for beginners. They can be a bit stubborn and their need to be with their owners ALL the time is not to be underestimated.  Frenchies left alone get extremely lonely, so I recommend highly that you plan to enroll your baby in doggy daycare if you work full time.  This also really helps with proper socializing. 
All of our Pet Quality French bulldogs are sold on a limited registration - meaning they are to be spayed/neutered and never to be used for breeding purposes.   If you are interested in a show prospect puppy, please either call or email me so we can discuss particulars. If you would like to review our pet puppy contract, let me know and I will email it to you. 

I recently had a family who was getting close to bringing home their frenchie (they had been on my waiting list several months) suddenly bring home a Newfoundland puppy. Unfortunately they did not consult me before they did this, and I had to refuse to sell this family a frenchie until their Newfie puppy was a year old and properly trained.  Frenchies in general are very compatible with other breed dogs, but an enormous puppy like a Newfie is clumsy and they don't know how to be gentle so the chance of our frenchie baby getting hurt would have been extremely high. My co-breeder said it was an accident waiting to happen.  So please know that if you want to bring home a frenchie baby, please do not also plan on bringing home another large breed puppy at the same time. 

Once you have placed a deposit and are on our waiting list, I will keep your closely apprised of when puppies are born, and when they are likely to be ready to go home to you.  Once you have a general idea of when you will be expecting your baby, please be 100% prepared to take your baby home and spend the time they need to be socialized and trained properly. 
Because it is important to us to make the transition from my home to yours as stress free as possible, I will not ship unaccompanied puppies to their new homes.  I quite often deliver puppies personally as this allows me to see/approve where they are going to live.  I know it may seem like we ask a lot of those waiting for one of our babies, but we love them very much and want only the best homes for them.  Thank you for understanding.

Please email me at bellerosekennels@msn.com.  I look forward to answering any questions you may have. 

Above Left: "Nash" is a honey pied puppy from our Winter 2012 Katie/Oscar Litter.
Above Right:  "Margaux" is a cream girl from our Winter 2012 Sookie/Oscar Litter.

Below:  My boy Oscar was used as a stud for the litter below born in October 2012.  This litter is owned by veterinarian
Noreen Jeremiah.

Pictured above:  "BB". Our show prospect cream girl from the Katie/Oscar 2012 Winter Litter.

Below:  Our boy "Cash" at his first dog show. He won Best Puppy in the Non-Sporting Group!



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